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Les Tigres volants sur Rangoon

French comic book An e-pal sent me these images from a hardcover French comic book about "Les Tigres volants". One of a series, this one is entitled "Raids Over Rangoon" and the detail is impressive, even though the artist (Felix Molinari) has wrongly placed Curtiss P-40E models in the hands of the AVG 2nd Squadron at Mingaladon Airport. I haven't seen the actual books, which run 45-50 pages, so I can't hazard a guess as to what the Chinese fishermen are doing at Rangoon. Perhaps the scans are from two different stories? Enjoy them for what they are.

French comic book

French comic book
Here's a detail of the Chinese fisherman looking at the pilot's jacket. He's saying to his buddy: "Come read what's written on his back!" (The patch of course is a blood chit, with the usual message urging aid for a friendly foreign pilot.)

For more about this series, go to the Les Tigres volants website.