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Russian aircraft losses at Nomonhan

[A tip of the virtual hat to Krzysztof Zalewski, a Polish student of Japanese military aviation, who passed along this information from a new Russian book on the Nomonhan Incident: Wiaczeslaw Kondratiew, "Khalkin Gol War in the Air." -- Dan Ford]

"It is very interesting as it contains data about Russian losses. Thanks that it is a valuable supplement to the article of Eichiro Sekigawa "The Undeclared Air War" in Air Enthusiast edition of May-July 1973. This article is also comparing a course of fights and verifies data of Japanese side. If you do not mind, I attach the tables with data on Nomonhan.

Russian lost in Nomonhan Incident
(May 22 - Sep 16, 1939)

Aircraft Combat Non-combat Total
I-16 83 22 105
I-16P 4 - 4
I-15 bis 60 5 65
I-153 16 6 22
SB 44 8 52
TB-3 - 1 1
Total 207 42 249

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