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A Vietnam reading list

[From the moderated--and no longer active--soc.history.war.vietnam newsgroup FAQ. If a book is in print, I have linked to it at Amazon. For out-of-print books, see the ABE search engine in the right-hand column of each page. - Dan Ford]

The recommended reading list for the Indochina wars developed by the moderators of soc.history.war.vietnam primarily on the basis of an extensive survey of noted academics/authors in the field, veterans and members of the era's anti-war movement and we continue to make ongoing inquiries regarding new works. We have also attempted to make this list as diversified as possible, both in the range of topics and the viewpoints represented.

The reading list itself has been divided into several sections for ease on use. The first section of the reading list is a short core reading list, works both of exceptional merit and focus. The core reading are designed to give both the casual reader and the serious student an overview of the varous aspects of the conflicts in Southeast Asia.

The remaining sections represent a more extensive selction of material in particular areas of interest, ranging from politics to combat to socio-cultural issues to fiction and literary criticism.

We strongly suggest that readers who are unfamiliar with Vietnamese culture and society read at least one of the core offerings in that area (such as Jamieson's Understanding Vietnam) to gain some prespective before tackling the history of the wars....

Enjoy -- John Tegtmeier, moderator, soc.history.war.vietnam

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Section I. Historical and Social Science Analysis

A. General Works

B. The French War: World War II to the Geneva Accords

C. Geneva to the American Combat Involvement in Vietnam (1954 - 1965)

D. Period of US Ground Combat (1965 - 1972)

E. From the American Withdrawal to the Fall of the South (1972 - 1975)

F. Covert Operations and Intelligence

G. Laos and Cambodia.

H. Military Personal Narratives and Oral Histories

I. Specialized Topics: The Press

J. Specialized Topics: The Draft

K. Specialized Topics: War Crime Allegations

L. Culture and Politics in Vietnam

M. North Vietnam, the PAVN and the NLF

N. The Anti-War Movement in the US

P. Aftermath and Remembrance - POW/MIAs

R. Document Collections and Reference Works

Section II. Cultural Representations of the War: Critical Analysis, Fiction, Poetry, Film and Folklore

A. Analysis and Criticism: Cultural Representations of the Vietnam War

B. Novels: Representations of the Vietnam War

C. Poetry

D. Folklore

bibliography begins in part 2