Phooey on Bluie


You've read of the brave Russian Stalingrad stand,
How the Axis were chased through the North African sand,
But speaking of battles, we know there are none
To compare with our winter at Bluie West One.

The mountains of Greenland rise into the sky
As a field of the fjord where the ice drifts by.
The worst of is, with its infinite trials,
There isn't a woman within one thousand miles.

Native woman at Narsarsuaq, 1942
Well, there was at least one woman. At left: A "native female" photographed by William Kray in 1941 or 1942. Lt. Kray was one of the army engineers who built Bluie West One.

Halfway to London in late 'forty-two,
Wait eighteen Marauders for skies to turn blue.
It's said that they serve who just sit and wait,
And yet a war's lost with too little, too late....

Then get out the cards, boys, and shake up the dice;
You're better off here than up on the ice!
When you're down on the cap, they say "Just sit tight,"
Yet some guys sit still for the fortieth night.

Perhaps we're too critical; there are good features, too!
But rule out the mess with its eternal stew,
And cross off the permanent officers here,
The brief fleeting daylight, the shortage of beer.

Only hermits and llamas can do without sex,
So give us good weather and we'll fly on to 'X'.
To us, just one place in the world really rates,
So let's finish the war and get back to the States!