Glen Edwards


Glen Edwards: The Diary of a Bomber Pilot

(Daniel Ford)

The test pilot's story is told mostly in his own words, taken from the diary he kept from the first day as an aviation cadet to the day before he died in the fiery crash of the Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing bomber. The co-author introduces Edwards, bridges the gaps in the diary, and explains the virtues and the drawbacks of the planes Edwards is flying, whether as a bomber pilot in the North Africa desert or as an Air Force test pilot at Wright Field and Muroc--now known as Edwards Air Force Base.

What the reviewers said

  • "Ford, an Army veteran, has a long, impressive record as a novelist and editor. He is blessed with a splendid writing style and understands the modern Air Force. Reading his book is a real treat." -- Military Review, Nov-Dec 1999

  • "A fascinating tale and a tribute to an unassuming man who simply loved to fly." -- Air&Space/Smithsonian (Click here for the review in full)

  • "The author did an excellent job.... For those who are looking for information on YB-49/B-35 the answers may be found in this book." -- American Aviation Historical Society Newsletter

  • "Highly recommended" -- Today's Librarian

  • "A most interesting personal account of a great American who survived the war, but died as a test pilot." -- Weekend

  • "The fascinating diary of the WWII bomber and postwar test pilot.... Edwards's own words are skillfully interwoven with Ford's, offering a richly detailed account of postwar aviation--and the infant years of the military-industrial complex." -- Kirkus Reviews

    The author

    As a novelist, Daniel Ford is best known for Incident at Muc Wa and the acclaimed Vietnam film Go Tell the Spartans that was based on it. This and two other novels were published by Doubleday & Co. and are still in print.

    As a military historian, Ford won an Award of Excellence from the Aviation-Space Writers Association for Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, published by Smithsonian Institution Press and more recently in a revised and updated edition from HarperCollins. "War history as it should be written!" exclaimed the reviewer for the Naval aviation journal The Hook. Most recently, he wrote Poland's Daughter, a memoir of the Second World War and its aftermath.

    Publishing history

    Glen Edwards was published in hardcover by Smithsonian Institution Press, in Washington and London, in 1998. It contained 195 pages plus 12 pages of photographs, plus source notes, a glossary, and an index. The list price was $26.95, and the book is now out of print, though second-hand copies are available from various sellers, including unsold and autographed copies from the editor. Revised digital version and paperback editions published 2013 by Warbird Books.

    Get the print edition

    The paperback is 6x9 inches, 218 pages, with black-white photos, notes and bibliography. It sells for $9.95 plus shipping.
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    You can get a signed copy of the paperback delivered to your U.S. mail address for the same price plus postage, sent by Priority Mail. You can also pay by check. Finally, you may be able to get the paperback through your local bookstore using the ISBN code 978-1490952994, probably with a surcharge.

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    The digital edition sells for $4.99, available from these e-tailers:
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