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sketch of CAMCO operation at Loiwing


The CAMCO facilities at Loiwing

Independently of Hak Hakanson in Thailand, two Chinese-Canadians -- Min Wang and his wife, Min Lu -- went on a search for the CAMCO factory at Loiwing, where Min Lu's father once worked. He was Ziwei Lu, who in 1939 at the age of twenty went to work for the Pawley brothers at Loiwing, remaining there until the plant was abandoned to the Japanese in the spring of 1942.

Among the treasures they found was a hand-drawn map by two brothers, Tang Yixin and Tang Youxin, who as youngsters had roamed around the CAMCO factory and airfield where their father worked. They drew the map from memory; it's not to scale, and the orientation is slightly off. (The airfield is 800 meters long, and its western end is about 500 meters from the river, not close to it as shown on the map. And rather than running due east, the field's its orientation is more nearly east-northeast.) But I think we can rely on their reconstruction of Loiwing's buildings and layout. The red numerals were added by Min Wang and Min Lu, and here is their translation of the Tang brothers' map legends:

    1 - Burmese frontier outpost

    2 - village of Panghkam

    3 - Nanwan River (China-Burma frontier)

    4 - Chinese frontier outpost

    5 - homes of CAMCO officals

    6 - American Club (used by the AVG as a command post)

    7 - American cemetery

    8 - hospital

    9 - road

    10 - quarters for hospital staff

    11 - airport runway

    12 - septic tanks

    13 - "Zone C" bachelor quarters

    14 - dormitories, dining hall, basketball and vollyball courts

    15 - "Zone B" married staff quarters

    16 - "Zone A" senior staff quarters

    17 - post office, bank, shops

    18 - supervisor's office and radio station

    19 - school for employee's children

    20 - guardhouse

    21 - manager's office for temporary workers

    22 - single workers' dormitory (new)

    23 - former married workers' quarters

    24 - married workers' quarters (new)

    25 - former single workers' dormitory

    26 - warehouse

    27 - factory

    28 - factory

    29 - toolroom

    30 - foundry

    31 - factory office, accounting, design

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