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Hostel Number One and the Hump Bar, Kunming

Hostel Number One today

Robert Anderson sent me this photo of the AVG's Hostel Number One in Kunming. (I was unable to find it when I was there in 1986.) He wrote:

I went to Kunming with a study abroad program last Spring. As part of the program I tried to find what I could about the "Flying Tigers" (Chinese definition). While doing this I met a writer named Ge Shuya who writes a lot of articles for Yunnan's "Human Geography" magazine. He gave me a lot of information and introduced me to some friends of his who were making a documentary on Yunnan history for Yunnan TV Channel One. They took me to most of the places I would never have found on my own including [Hostel Number One].... I also met many former interpreters, soldiers, airfield maintainence personnel, and many people who remembered the "Fei Hu Dui".
Updated: More recently, Ian Quinn visited Kunming and discovered the Hump Bar, which is decorated inside with AVG and CNAC memorabilia, including a couple of framed leather flight jackets with the blood chit sewn on the back. Here's a view of the bar as seen from the street:

Hump Bar, Kunming

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