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Flying Tigers: P-66 flying
Test flying the Vultee Model 48 fighter, built for Sweden but later taken over by the U.S. Army as the P-66 so it could be lend-leased to China for the 3rd American Volunteer Group, consisting of pilots recruited from the U.S. Navy

The Vultee P-66 in Chinese service

Here Richard Dunn tells the story of the Vultee fighter built for Sweden, embargoed by a nervous U.S. government, sold instead to Britain, and finally provided to the Chinese under the U.S. Army designation of P-66. Though intended for the 3rd American Volunteer Group—Claire Chennault called the plane the P-48—it went to the Chinese Air Force when the outbreak of war between Japan and the United States led to the cancelation of the bomber and fighter groups that were to have followed the 1st AVG. How did the P-66 fare in CAF service? Read on.