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I read three books a month, so you don't have to! (I borrowed that line from Michael Palin.) But here's one you really ought to read: The Allure of Battle by Cathal Nolan. The germ of its 709 pages is this: battles don't win wars. Attrition wins wars. Demonstrating it, however, takes us on a magnificent sweep of (mostly European) history, acquainting us with the Great Generals who, if not defeated themselves in war, prepared the way for their successors to be defeated. The Germans especially take it in the neck. There is no mewling equivalence here: Not only was the Heer prone to butchering civilians, but its generals never grasped that there was no way they were going to win those stupid wars, once other nations got involved. Pity Donald Rumsfeld didn't read this book before we went into Iraq. Winning a battle is the easy part; it's what comes afterward that wears us out.

I enjoyed Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy, though the "spy" part is fairly thin gruel at best. Yes, Ernest Hemingway was one of Lenin's "useful idiots" (yes, I known Vlad didn't say it, but he should have), but so was virtually every American writer and indeed most intelligent Americans in the 1930s and 1940s. He adored Russia because it stood against the fascists in Spain and again in the war against Nazi Germany. And he adored Castro. But he never was a traitor, though the NKVD did its clumsy best to recruit him. Still, I'm a sucker for anything by or about Hemingway -- I even have The Garden of Eden queued up on my Kindle. So I enjoyed it hugely, and even learned a bit. (Good photos, too.)

Published a month before the astonishment of last November 9, The Populist Explosion naturally did not predict that Donald Trump would be our 45th president. To Mr Judis's credit, however, and unlike most of us, he didn't rule out the possibility, with the result that his book makes it seem entirely inevitable. It's a fine sweep through American history, teasing out the populist strain in our politics. I didn't know that we once actually had a Populist Party! And Andy Jackson, of course, and William Jennings Bryan, and Huey Long and Ross Perot and Occupy Wall Street and (down to the wire!) Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Gosh, now that I think about it, the whole thing was inevitable, wasn't it?

And that's the perfect lead-in to The Greater America. Sally's grandfather wrote it more at the start of the 20th century, and I edited it for the 21st. Publication day is May 15. Blue skies! — Dan Ford

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Remains - A Story of the Flying Tigers

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