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Reviewers of Hitler: Ascent complained that it offered little that we didn't already know about the man who led Germany and the world into the most horrific event it has ever experienced, the Second World War. I don't agree. What academics know, and what the rest of us know, are very different things. I was continually fascinated by Mr Ullrich's account, though I own and have twice read Ian Kershaw's excellent biography, likewise in two volumes and likewise titled Hitler. Here, the biographer is German, which is both good (easy and unrivaled access to sources) and bad, at least for me, since I have to read it in translation. Two examples will suffice. Throughout the book, we are told that Hitler was a private in the First World War, when he was promoted to corporal very early on. There is a difference! I'll wager that Mr Ullrich didn't make that mistake, but that it crept into the English translation. Again, the translator renders Volksgemeinschaft as "ethnic-popular community," which is absurd. If one can't do better than that, why not just leave it in the German, which has an appropriately ominous sound? But these blunders didn't spoil the book for me, and I look forward to Volume Two, whatever its subtitle (Descent?)

Ever since 9/11, I have done my best to understand Islam -- to understand all is to forgive all, right? It has never worked out that way. Mostly I just get irritated at their blinkered worldview, and the more it's explained the dumber it seems. But The Islamic Enlightenment is a revelation. Mr de Bellaigue can actually write! He's perceptive and witty, and his sentences are a pleasure to read. Be aware that by "enlightenment," he really means modernization, as it developed in Egypt, Turkey, and Iran, as these nations met the sharp edge of the European sword and did their various best to catch up. Mostly this involved an "enlightened" despot willing to tolerate European thinking among the cultured and elite while harshly repressing democracy for the masses. The great mysery is why, in our lifetime, we are seeing these same nations shifting back to darkest Islamism, first Iran with its ayatollahs and now Turkey under Recep Erdogan.

The War Machine is a Netflix production and only available on that subscription service. I enjoyed the heck out of it, despite the fact that it's a cheap shot at the US military and especially the long-running war in Afghanistan. It's based on the career-ending experience of General Stanley McChrystal, who unwisely allowed a Rolling Stone reporter to "embed" with the headquarters staff. (The magazine's standard of journalism most recently gave us a gang-rape story that proved to be a fraud: "thinly sourced, full of erroneous assumptions, and plagued by gaping holes.") In the Hollywood tradition, the US military is represented by a half-dozen lunatic officers and a Dirty Dozen platoon of losers. What redeems the flick is the performance, at once hilarious and noble, of Brad Pitt as the hapless commanding general. The man can act! (Or maybe, like John Wayne in True Grit, he isn't acting but just being himself.) There's also a nice cameo by Ben Kingsley as the president of Afghanistan. Blue skies! — Dan Ford

Poland's Daughter

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