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Rosa Brooks has had a fascinating change of attitude, thanks to romance and her employment path. Reared as a 1960s anti-warrior, she a) married an Army officer and b) went to work at the Pentagon, with the result that she became rather fond of the U.S. military. How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything is the result, a wonderfully balanced critique of the military, and especially assassination by remotely controlled aircraft and Special Operations troops. It's an endearing book, unlike most such attempts by intelligent women, and it's selling very well, thank you. The hardcover is only a dollar and a half more than the e-book, especially if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber -- as you should be, if you read a lot (as you should!)

Another great book! Edward Jay Epstein is something of a debunker of conspiracy theories, beginning with the Warren Commission that investigated the murder of JFK in 1963 -- over half a century of investigative reporting, and he doesn't seem the least bit tired. How America Lost Its Secrets thoroughly debunks the notion that Edward Snowdon was a whistleblower, let alone the patriot that the loony left would like to make of him. He stole millions of military and intelligence secrets, most of them having nothing whatever to do with NSA's "surveilliance state," many of them endangering the lives of men and women who worked for the United States, and altogether setting back America's security by years or decades. He handed all this stuff to Russia, and probably to China, and you can imagine what uses Vladimir Putin will put it to.

I'm still feeding my Robert Harris addiction. Enigma is his take on the Polish, later British, and finally American effort to break the Germany military code, based on a fabulous cypher machine. (Code breaking is a never ending process: you have to do it anew every day.) The main characters include a mentally unstable Englishman, a Pole of dubious loyalty, a genial but rather nasty American, and a young woman who may or may not be dead. The Katyn massacres of Polish officers and civilian leaders plays a central though well-disguised role in the plot, which in true Robert Harris fashion doesn't become clear until the very final pages. I read it as an e-book, but weirdly Amazon doesn't seem to have it, and neither does Barnes & Noble. Blue skies! — Dan Ford

Half price and postpaid!

Remains - A Story of the Flying Tigers

I still have some copies of the 2000 iUniverse edition of Remains: A Story of the Flying Tigers. (The cover is different and the price was higher.) While they last, you can get one for $7.98 postpaid, sent by Media Mail to your U.S. postal address. PayPal rolls your credit card; I sign the book and put it in the mailbox, usually the same day.

A Kindle for $79.99, a tablet for $49.99!

For ten years I've been adapting my books and articles for digital reading, most notably for Amazon's neat Kindle device. When the price dropped to $189, I broke down and ordered a Kindle for myself. From there it went to $114 if you were willing to tolerate "special offers" (aka advertisements) on your screen when you weren't actually reading. And now the price has fallen to $79.99. Even more astonishing is the new Kindle Fire, a basic but full-fledged, 7-inch tablet computer for $49.99.

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Remains: A Story of the Flying Tigers
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Flying Tigers

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