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Build a wartime 'recognition model'

Brewster Buffalo recognition model at the Warbird's Forum

Robert Clark sent along a scan from a model-airplane quarterly called Kits And Plans Antiquarius (KAPA) Kollector. (These may be reproductions of wartime publications.) Full size, it's a hefty 1 megabyte, and will print out as an 8.5x11" page to make a balsa-wood 1/72 scale model with a span of a bit less than six inches. Click here to get the full-size page. If you just want to view it onscreen, see the smaller image at the bottom of this page.

I hope I haven't stepped on anyone's copyright. I did a web search for KAPA but found only an indirect reference: "Available from: KAPA, 1788 Niobe Avenue, Anaheim CA 92804-2630. KAPA membership is only 6 bucks a year,(well, $8.00 in Canada & $13.00 in the rest of the world) and this gets you 4 issues of the KAPA Kollector, an extremely well done quarterly. Last issue was 32 pages. If you are interested in the history of model aviation, this is a bargain. Beside they have repro plans/3-views, classified ads, old ads, and lots of other good stuff. At $6.00, what can you lose? Richard the K Bremerton WA USA."