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British Buffalo three-view

Pilot's Notes: The Buffalo I Aeroplane

Okay, here it is--a really, truly pilot's manual for the Brewster Buffalo. (Well, it's our best shot, anyhow. Jim Maas scanned it in, as he explains in the introduction; he then turned it into a Word document, and I turned that into a PDF file. Some compromises had to be made along the way.) Click here to fetch the manual. It's 27 pages long, with the usual cockpit photos and diagrams.

You probably knew this already, but you'll need Acrobat Reader in order to view the manual. You can get the software by clicking here. It's free, but for most Windows platforms it's a 8.6 megabyte download. Note that you won't be returned to this page, so either finish up before you go to the Adobe site, or bookmark this page so you can come back later.