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Brewster Buccaneer under restoration

In May 2003, Owen Miller took these photos of a U.S. Navy SB2A in the restoration hangar at Pensacola's Naval Aviation Museum. Here's the forward view. Jim Maas: "Guess what single engine fighter it looks a lot like?"

And here is the inboard wing section, port and starboard, showing the perforated dive brakes. The Buccaneer was a midwing aircraft.

Interior view, looking aft toward the turret gunner's position. 750 Buccaneers and Bermudas (the British designation) were built, with most of them relegated to training and suchlike duties.

Jim Maas: "The engine is a Wright Double Cyclone (two row) GR2600-A5B rated at 1700 hp. I've seen the aircraft when it was being (slowly) restored by ex-Brewster employees at Johnsville PA, but never saw the engine mount setup."