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Brewster Aeronautical Corp. worker's badge

Grandpa Fox's employee's badge
Kindness of Andy Curtis, here's a scan of a Brewster employee's badge that belonged to his grandfather, John Fox, who worked at the factory in Johnsville, Pennsylvania, from 1941 until it closed.

The governmental Defense Plant Corporation built this facility and leased it to Brewster in order to ease the company's production bottleneck. In typical Brewster fashion, the land was owned by a company subsidiary, and it was convenient to the founder's estate. Also typical of Brewster, the new plant only added to its woes, and it (and Brewster) were seized by the government in April 1942.

At the time of the takeover, Johnsville was building "Bermuda" dive bombers for the British but apparently had yet to deliver the first one. In U.S. Navy service, the plane was the SB2A "Buccaneer." Altogether, 750 were built. The Johnsville plant also built Vought Corsair fighters for the Navy under the designation F3A.

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