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Sam Case's scrapbook: 67 Squadron pilots at Rangoon

New Zealand sergeant-pilots, 67 Squadron

Here they are--the sergeant-pilots of 67 Squadron. They were country boys mostly, who grew up tending sheep on their pretty farms in New Zealand, joined the RZNAF on a lark, and were sent to Singapore, then Rangoon, to fly the Brewster Buffalo in combat against the Japanese Army Air Force. Note the inflatable life preservers, worn by RAF pilots but not by the AVG.
Lambert Flying Officer J. F. Lambert
RAF, killed 25 Dec 1941
Parsonson Pilot Officer P. Parsonson

Bingham-Wallis Flying Officer Peter Bingham-Wallis RAF
Cooper Pilot Officer A. A. Cooper RNZAF
Brandt Flight Lieutenant Jack Brandt RAF (later c/o)