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Sam Case's scrapbook: 67 Squadron at Mingaladon

Jibaku dive at Mingaladon Here's the famous jibaku dive wherein a sergeant-pilot named Nagashima tried to destroy a Bristol Blenheim bomber (shown to the right) on 29 January 1942. The plane is a Nakjima Ki-27 "Nate" of the 77th Sentai. The clipping is from an unknown newspaper or magazine.

Uncrating a Buffalo

67 Sq left its aircraft behind in Singapore. When the pilots and crews got to Burma, they took over a few Buffaloes previously flown by the Blenheim pilots of RAF 60 Squadron, but the majority of their aircraft arrived in new packing boxes. There were 16 new Buffaloes assigned to the squadrons, with 14 more in reserve.

Buffalo crest

Sam's scrapbook has several photos of "crests" painted on the 67 Sq Buffaloes. This one shows a devil wrapped around the world with arrows in his hand, and his pointed tail aiming at the southern tip of Burma or possibly Malaya.

Mark Haselden writes: "It now seems that at least 7 or 8 of the Buffalos in Burma were adorned with some form of nose art. The paintings were all accomplished by one of the groundcrew (Anderson was his name, if memory serves); the pictures were applied to the port nose of the aircraft just above the wing root. Thus far, I have only been able to accredit one emblem to a specific airframe, that being the "Devil and Globe" motif that you recently posted on your website. That badge was painted onto W8220 (RD-V) which was lost on Christmas Day 1941 when Fg Off Lambert was shot down."

Mingalaon hangar

Here's the hangar at Mingaladon airport that housed the 67 Squadron Buffaloes and the miscellaneous light aircraft of the Burma Volunteer Air Force. Christopher Shores says that the BVAF--British nationals was recruited from civilian flying clubs--was equipped with at least two Tiger Moths, a CW-22 (!), and two ex-Chinese Yales (AT-6 variant).

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