All about the American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers," the Japanese and Chinese military during the Second World War, the Northrop Flying Wing, Poland's experience of war and exile, and other subjects that take my fancy from time to time. Enjoy! -- Dan Ford

100 Hawks for China


Tommi 77 at Rangoon
Here's a neat photo, which I'd never seen before. It shows R.T. Smith's Tomahawk with one of the jeeps that the AVG liberated from the Lend-Lease mountain on the Rangoon docks. (I first identified the jeep as a Willys product, but have since been corrected: it's a Ford model!) I've no idea who the gallant crewman might be.

The same forum (I apologize for not saving its name) had interesting portraits of an RAF 67 Squadron Brewster Buffalo and of Finland's home-built Humu knock-off of the Brewster fighter, both of which can be seen on my website.

I've long had a page about Ray Whitehead of the Chinese Air Force and the AVG, or rather about the two Ray Whiteheads, one who died in Georgia and the other in Hong Kong. Now I've heard from his daughter, who solves the puzzle and adds some details from his own account. I've revised the page accordingly.

And Bob Bergin has reconstituted his article about the death of Jack Newkirk, shot down in Thailand in March 1942. I inadvertently wiped it out by uploading another page on top of it. Bob has taken the opportunity to update the story, well worth reading.

On a wildly unrelated topic, Yale University Press has launched a seven-year project to publish a new edition of In Search of Lost Time, formerly and inaccurately known in English as Remembrance of Things Past. I'm now reading Swann's Way. Personally, I'll take any excuse to read Marcel Proust's masterwork, which I blog about under another name on ReadingProust dot com. This will be my fifth dance with the greatest novel ever written, and I hope others will join the adventure. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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