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Percy Bartlet and his Brewster Buffalo
Here's a two-fer, for fans of the Brewster Buffalo (that's an F2A of USS Saratoga, before the Brewsters were sold off to Finland in 1940) and the Flying Tigers (that's Percy Bartelt, a Navy aviator before he joined the American Volunteer Group in 1941). The pilot's son sent me the photo years ago when I was looking for mug shots of the Flying Tiger aces. Over Rangoon in January 1942, Bartelt was credited with five Japanese planes shot down, plus two destroyed on the ground, but he quit the group not long after. As a result, he got a "dishonorable discharge" from Chennault, wasn't recognized by the Flying Tigers veterans' group, and didn't receive the Silver Star awarded to AVG pilots in the 1990s. As part recompense, his family was awarded a Fighter Aces Congressional Gold Medal at a ceremony this spring.

P-40 mockups in Australia
I came across this photo on Facebook, but I confess I have no idea what movie those P-40 mockups were supposed to appear in. Whatever it was, it must have been some time ago, considering the faded paint on the Tomahawk in the foreground and the disappeared fabric on the rudder panels of those behind it. The venue seems to be a parking lot, and the location supposedly is in Australia. Please send an email if you can shed any light on this!

I've posted a third installment of Flying Tiger biographies, from John Hennessy to Mac McGarry. See them here.

And books! July was a good month for reading, and for a change I finished every book I began, starting with Enemy in the East, a magnificent account how Hitler planned from 1934 to invade the Soviet Union. (That business with France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway? Just protecting his western flank!) From there I proceeded to David McCullough's latest hagiography, The Wright Brothers. It's good, though I have a few complaints. And now I'm well into Ally, by the New Jersey lad who became Israel's ambassador to the United States during Mr. Obama's first term. (Spoiler: Michael Oren is not among the president's warmest admirers.) Go here for more about these books.

I also confess to having read (and hugely enjoyed) The Girl on the Train. I didn't buy it, though! I borrowed it from the New Hampshire State Library's digital collection. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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