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100 Hawks for China


sketch of CAMCO operation at Loiwing

Above is a detailed sketched of the CAMCO factory and airfield at Loiwing, unearthed and annotated after more than seventy years. (Ain't the internet wonderful?) The work was done by two Chinese-Canadians, Min Wang and his wife, Min Lu. Independently of Hak Hakanson in Thailand, they went on a search for the Loiwing operation, where Min Lu's father had worked as a young man. Among the treasures they found was this hand-drawn map by two brothers, Tang Yixin and Tang Youxin, who as youngsters had roamed around the factory and airfield where their father was also employed. Min Wang and Min Lu translated the annotations and sent the map to me, along with other details of their search. Go here for a larger version of the map and a key to the CAMCO facilities.

Interestingly, there's a tribute to the Flying Tigers scheduled for the Sam Rayburn Office Building on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, November 13-14. The photo exhibition was arranged by Pedro Chan, advisor to the Chinese American Museum.

Some good reads this month: Go here for my comments on The Devils' Alliance: Hitler's Pact with Stalin, 1939-1941 by Roger Moorhouse, who delves into the mostly forgotten fact that of the more than five years of the European war, for nearly two years the Russian Red Army was on the wrong side. A very worthwhile book! I was also impressed by Red Flags by Juris Jurjevics. Not your usual Vietnam novel, this is a detective story set in a war zone, a spellbinder along the lines of the unforgettable Fatherland. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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